The Generations

Racquetball was invented in 1950 by Joseph Sobek.  In the time since, the game has seen many amazing and wonderful champions.  Below please find our account of the greatest players from each era.

The 1970's

Charlie Brumfield

Steve Strandemo

Jerry Hilecher

Davey Bledsoe

The 1980's

Marty Hogan

Mike Yellen

Dave Peck

Gregg Peck

The 1990's

Cliff Swain

Sudsy Monchik

Andy Roberts

Mike Ray

The 2000's

Kane Waselenchuk

Jason Mannino

Jack Huczek


The 2010's

Kane Waselenchuk

Rocky Carson

Daniel De La Rosa

Alvaro Beltran

2020 and beyond

Conrado Moscoso

Daniel De La Rosa

Jake Bredenbeck

Rodrigo Montoya


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