In an effort to increase the visibility for racquetball to all regions across the world - including all those countries who presently do not have racquetball courts, we are looking to create beautiful casual T-shirts which people will want to wear with jeans and shorts because they are neat and cool.  Each T-shirt will have a sharp design on the front and will be printed with our NuVo Logo (the North Star) and web address ( on the back.  Our hope is that this will channel people to the website in order to learn more about the company and racquetball, as well as to order more shirts and increase our visibility for racquetball.  Our T-shirts are designed by several key professionals in graphic design in Montreal.  From there it is our objective to make them available globally via amazon exclusively, in order that their Prime members receive rapid and free shipping worldwide.  Below is the first shirt we will feature in our growing line.  It will be available in 3 colours, white, navy and maroon/burgundy with accentuating print colours. Our goal is to be able to get them to market for $24.99 each, set of 3 colours for $59.99, delivered for Amazon Prime members.

Inside Neck

Approx. this size on back above shoulders

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